As part of the P. Rotola-Pukkila environmental programme we aim to use environmentally friendly and long-term solutions in waste management, energy policy, as well as in the use of raw materials and equipment.


Packaging waste
We do almost everything ourselves – we buy mainly raw materials, which require only minimal packaging for shipping. We sort all cardboard and paper and make sure that they are recycled. The metal rails used in raw material packaging are shredded, stored and sent to be recycled. Plastic packaging is sorted and some is reused as padding for export transport, with the rest being sent to Oy Botniarosk Ab, where it is used for energy production.

Waste produced in production process
All waste produced in the production process is combustible and is used to produce our own energy at our modern heating plant. This operation has received certification from the environmental authorities.

Other waste
The amounts of other waste types generated are very small, and these are dealt with by Oy Botniarosk Ab.

Hazardous waste
Due to the nature of our operations very small amounts of hazardous waste are also generated in our operations. We sort and send all our hazardous waste to Lassila & Tikanoja. The oils used by transportation equipment and gas forklifts are recycled as black oils and the oil filters as solid oil waste. Used batteries are sorted and stored before being shipped on. All so-called clear oils are separated out for recycling. Fluorescent lighting tubes and batteries are sorted and sent to Lassila & Tikanoja. The cleaning solvents used with varnishes and stains generate little waste build-up, as the varnishes we use are modern UV-cured varnishes, and the stains are water-soluble. We separate out our waste into water and solvent based waste, before delivering it to Lassila & Tikanoja.


Heating energy
We get almost all the heating energy we need by making use of all the wood waste generated. The wood waste is burned in two incinerators and a very modern combustion boiler in our own heating plant. We also save energy by using heat energy recovered from outflow air using heat exchangers. We also use wood waste to produce the heat energy needed for the production process. In cold winters it is sometimes necessary to purchase wood chip or briquettes from a nearby sawmill plant. All thermal energy, however, is from 100% renewable sources.

Käytössämme on generaattori, jolla tuotetaan pintakäsittelylinjan tarvitsema sähköenergia. Käytämme erittäin vähärikkistä moottoripolttoöljyä ympäristövaikutusten minimoimiseksi. Lisäksi otamme talteen kaiken hukkalämmön, joten polttoaineen hyötysuhde on erittäin korkea.

Electrict forklifts
The majority of the forklift trucks we use are battery operated electric forklifts, and the batteries are charged using environmentally friendly night-rate electricity. Only the two largest forklifts run on clean LPG.


We try to source our raw materials from trustworthy and preferably Finnish suppliers who also take environmental factors into account. All the raw materials we use meet the requirements of the E1 environmental standard at the very least.

The majority of the veneer we use is Finnish birch, and imported species of wood are purchased from a trustworthy supplier. We sort the veneer so that as little waste as possible is generated when using raw materials.

We purchase the chipboard we use from Finland. Woodchip generated in the sawmill industry is used as a raw material for chipboard, meaning that use of the board in itself promotes the ecological and efficient use of raw materials.

Our biggest glue supplier is Kiilto Oy, who are specialist suppliers to the wood industry and known for their exceptionally high quality. All glues we use are water-soluble.

Our varnish supplier is AkzoNobel. On our finishing line we use water-soluble stains and UV-cured varnishes, which are completely solvent-free. Spray varnishes and stains are also completely water-soluble, therefore solvent emissions in our company’s practices are non-existent.

All our products are delivered in recyclable cardboard boxes.


Hand towel roll dispenser
We use Lindström eco-labelled refillable towels. This helps to reduced waste generation.

Collecting oil from compressed air
As a small indication of our company’s desire to focus on environmental matters, oil is collected from condensed water in the compressed air system. This filtration equipment is a fairly expensive investment, but it prevents oil from being released into the environment.